[Exclusive Interview] Kataxenna Kova

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Hello again read­ers. For this week’s fea­ture, we go to the U.K. to high­light inter­na­tion­ally known glam­our and fetish model Kataxenna Kova. As the title sug­gests, this girl has curves, curves, and more curves.

I’ve yet to see such an insane hip to waist ratio.

To top that off,  a great deal of her port­fo­lio is with her wear­ing latex as if her cur­va­ture needed any­more emphasis.

Her physique notwith­stand­ing, she gave a very thor­ough account of what she’s about in her inter­view as she talks about her career, love life, hob­bies, and pet peeves and it was very pleas­ing to read.

What is your name, where are you from, and what are you cur­rently doing that is rel­e­vant to the gen­eral pub­lic?  Kataxenna Kamillia Kova, born and raised in London. I’m a fetish/glamour model and a science/music nerd :)

Explain to the fans why you should be num­ber one on THE SWEET 16? It would be an hon­our to be the first British num­ber one :)

What drove you to become a model? I was orig­i­nally approached by an agency at the age of 15 but was far too obsessed with music and being in bands to want to model. I was also quite shy when it came to myself and the thought of pos­ing in front of a cam­era filled me with dread.

 But you turned it around?  A cou­ple of years later I was approached to do some glam­our shots before mov­ing into fit­ness mod­el­ling briefly.

 Were you ner­vous at first? It was some­thing that felt alien to me to start with but the more mod­el­ling I did the more I enjoyed and before long I realised that I could use it as an out­let for my cre­ativ­ity. That was when I started fetish mod­el­ling and work­ing as my own styl­ist, hair and makeup artist. I loved hav­ing full cre­ative con­trol, doing some­thing I loved and mak­ing a liv­ing out of it! 

 What type of mod­el­ing do you enjoy doing the most?  Style wise I love doing latex shots in exotic loca­tions. Contrasting loca­tions and clash­ing out­fits are my favourites.

 Have you ever shot nude before? If not, would you ever do so? I have done nude shoots before but that was a while ago and they were only impied nude so noth­ing was show­ing at all. It was around the time that I was work­ing as a fit­ness model and to be hon­est I haven’t seen those pho­tos in years, haha.

 Is that some­thing you would do again? Would I ever shoot nude again? It would depend on the pub­li­ca­tion and would have to be taste­fully done but yes I would pose nude again.

 What do you do when you’re not pos­ing for a cam­era? I love music so whether it’s writing/working on music, lis­ten­ing to it or going to see bands play, it tends to be music related.  

 Are there any inter­est­ing tal­ents or things you do that read­ers wouldn’t sus­pect? Dancing (espe­cially belly danc­ing and Latin American dances), run­ning, work­ing out in gen­eral are also pas­sions of mine– I would find it hard to go a few days with­out any exer­cise as I’m quite a high energy per­son. On the oth­er­hand I love to read, write and study which may sound odd but I love to learn and have always had a hunger for knowledge.

 You stud­ied biol­ogy in uni­ver­sity? I have always been inter­ested in sci­ence and am a huge Richard Dawkins fan. Special tal­ents? Hmmmm, I wouldn’t con­sider these to be spe­cial tal­ents as such but just a few ran­dom things.…I’m very flex­i­ble, I can cook amaz­ing Chinese food, I can read Tarot cards and I’m a qual­i­fied life­guard :) 

 You love to travel? I travel quite a lot for shoots but I haven’t actu­ally been on hol­i­day for a few years. People think that when you go abroad for shoots you get to chill out and spend time in the coun­try, but you really don’t. A lot of the time its a case of arriv­ing the night before a shoot and leav­ing the day after.

 What’s one place you would love to go to but haven’t had the chance to go? Somewhere I would love to travel to that I have never been to is Japan. I adore Japanese cul­ture and have always had a great inter­est in that part of the world. Going over there for a cou­ple of weeks would be a dream come true.

 What is your favourite body part?  Favourite body part? Hmmm, I don’t really have a favourite body part of myself but if I had to say some­thing I would prob­a­bly say my lips as they are nat­u­rally full. Funnily enough I still get peo­ple writ­ing to me ask­ing me where I got my lips done and who did them etc.

Is there a dif­fer­ence? I mean can you tell the dif­fer­ences? You can always tell the dif­fer­ence between nat­ural lips and lips with filler as nat­ural lips will always still have nat­ural lines and a fleshy tex­ture rather than the tight, smooth tex­ture that lips plumped with filler do.

  What are your height and mea­sure­ments?  My mea­sure­ments are 32DD– 24– 40. The 40″ makes it sound like I have huge hips but that is actu­ally down to the size of my back­side, haha. Before my breast aug­men­ta­tion a few years ago I was a large C cup but had met so many girls with boob jobs that I really started to like the look and thought that I would treat myself to one with some of the money I had saved from modelling.

What body part do you get com­pli­mented on the most? My last boyfriend used to say he loved my legs, waist or lips but the thing that I seem to get most com­plimeted on is my butt, haha. I grew up hat­ing my shape as all the girls I knew were skinny with flat back­sides. This was back in the day when all the women on TV had no curves so you can imag­ine how thank­ful I was when peo­ple with butts like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez came on the scene when I was a teenager. I sud­denly started feel­ing com­fort­able with my shape and realised that you didn’t have to be straight up and down to be sexy– you could have an hour­glass shape and go in and out and I noticed that guys actu­ally pref­ered that too.

 How has your build helped you in mar­ket­ing your­self? I don’t know if my build has helped with mar­ket­ing myself.

You don’t think so? To be hon­est I think that girls who has less curves have it far eas­ier as a lot of design­ers find it eas­ier to make clothes for a straight bod­ied fig­ure than one with lots of curves. You only have to look at the cat­walk. Thankfully within the latex indus­try curves are embraced and a woman with boobs and a butt will make an out­fit look a thou­sand times bet­ter than some­body with zero curves. Unfortunately though the fash­ion and fetish world seem to be merg­ing more and more at the moment and there seem to be fewer curvier models.

What do you do to keep your­self in shape? What would you rec­om­mend to other mod­els in terms of stay­ing in shape? I wouldn’t say I’m a very healthy eater but at the same­time I don’t sit there eat­ing take aways and piz­zas every night. I do every­thing in mod­er­a­tion. If I’ve had a day where I’ve eaten a lit­tle more than usual or have been par­tic­u­larly unhealthy I’ll just pun­ish myself more in the gym :) Weight main­te­nance is essen­tially just energy input ver­sus energy out­put so aslong as you bear that in mind you’ll be ok. Generally I tend to eat food that I believe to be of high nutri­tional qual­ity rather than low fat. Exercise wise I dance, walk a lot instead of dri­ving and run, but when I do I run like hell! ;)  

 Looking at were you are right now in your career what do you feel. Are you happy do you want to do more? I never went into mod­el­ling as a career, it was some­thing I fell into just before I went to uni­ver­sity. I saw it as a great way to sup­port myself through my stud­ies as it was flex­i­ble and gave me the oppor­tu­nity to travel and meet loads of new peo­ple. I have come fur­ther with the mod­el­ling than I ever thought and am grate­ful for all the oppor­tu­ni­ties that have come my way. I have always seen the sky as the limit and like to aim high so would love to take it even fur­ther and see where it takes me :) My heart is more in music at the moment but I never turn down a good shoot!

 The mod­el­ing game is always chang­ing and there’s always newer, fresher girls com­ing on the mar­ket. What is about you that is unique enough to keep your brand strong? I am per­son­ally not inter­ested in com­pet­ing with other girls. I just like to do what I do and keep going at it. I have an unusual build which has both it’s good points and bad points (one neg­a­tive point being the fact that buy­ing clothes to fit my chest-waist-hip ratio can be a night­mare!) and I don’t see the point in com­pet­ing with girls that have a com­pletely dif­fer­ent look/shape to me. Within the fetish/glamour indus­try or any indus­try for the mat­ter whether it’s music, mod­el­ling, act­ing etc– the most impor­tant thing is to be unique, be your­self and use your strong points to get you some­where. I try to use my good points pos­i­tively and so far it seems to be work­ing for me.

 What do you do that keeps you moti­vated? I am moti­vated by pro­gres­sion and acheiv­ing my goals. There is noth­ing more sat­is­fy­ing than set­ting your­self some tar­gets and reach­ing them no mat­ter how dif­fi­cult they may seem to start with. The feel­ing that I get when I have acheived my dreams dri­ves me to keep going and set­ting myself higher targets.

 Are you sin­gle, in a rela­tion­ship, mar­ried, or divorced? I very recently came out of a long term rela­tion­ship so have been sin­gle for a cou­ple of months.

Why is that?  I wanted to take time out after hav­ing some­thing so intense for such a long period of time, rather than get involved with some­one new straight away.

So you just want some me time? I had been with my last boyfriend for six years and I think it’s impor­tant to find your­self again and decide what you want from life before embark­ing on a new relationship.

What kind of men are you irre­sistably drawn to?  I like very mas­cu­line look­ing men. My ideal man for years has been Sebastian Chabal who some peo­ple find repul­sive but I think he’s extremely sexy. Like a lot of women I had a huge crush on Viggo Mortensen’s char­ac­ter in Lord of the Rings, but over the years my crushes have var­ied from peo­ple like Slash to Johnny Depp. Deep, intel­li­gent eyes are impor­tant and I tend to be attracted to tall, dark men.

Do you focus more on looks, money, social sta­tus, charisma, intel­li­gence, or sex appeal? Though looks are impor­tant to some degree, a good per­son­al­ity is a must. If I met the most attrac­tive man in the world but he couldn’t hold an inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion I hon­estly wouldn’t be able to get involved with him. I love to be able to debate with some­body, dis­cuss all sorts of things, have fun together– that per­son has to be my best friend aswell as my lover. The foun­da­tion of any good, long last­ing rela­tion­ship is friendship.

If you had the choice to date a super­hero, who would it be and why? Batman with­out a doubt! That sexy, dark, enig­matic exte­rior is undoubt­edly a turn on and like myself he’s a crea­ture of the night. I’m very noc­tur­nal and love mys­te­ri­ous men so Batman would def­i­nitely be the super­hero for me :)

Would you describe your­self as a sex­ual per­son? I would def­i­nitely describe myself as a sex­ual per­son. People some­times make the mis­take of assum­ing that being a sex­ual per­son means that you are also promis­cu­ous but in my case this could not be fur­ther from the truth.

Define your sex behind closed doors, In the bed­room I think it’s impor­tant to exper­i­ment and express your pas­sion for that per­son in as many dif­fer­ent ways as pos­si­ble. An adven­tur­ous sex life can add so much fun to a rela­tion­ship and also bring you even closer to that person.

What do you wear behind closed doors? Dressing up isn’t always a must but on occa­sion I love wear­ing stock­ings, sus­penders [garters] and dark, sexy lin­gerie (which is a sim­ple clas­sic!) Everyone from Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese and Sofia Loren swear by it and I find that together with gor­geous per­fume and sul­try make up it is a win­ner everytime.

 What is it about your­self that you would like to change? It could be any phys­i­cal or char­ac­ter flaw you have. I have never liked my legs as I always thought that a woman’s legs should be very long and slim rather than toned like mine. I have typ­i­cal ‘dancer’s legs’ and have always had a fair bit of mus­cle tone even before my dancer days and always saw my legs as chunky in com­par­i­son to the skinny legs you see that are mar­keted to us as being ‘per­fect.’ All of my boyfriends have always really liked them and I get fan mail from guys telling me how much they love my legs but I have never been happy with them. Personality wise I would love to be able to relax more. I can be a bit of a worka­holic at times and need to be able to switch off more than I do.

What do you absolutely hate, why? I really, truly detest liars. Nothing angers me more than some­body who lies to somebody’s face or be it to cover up their tracks or just to impress some­body. I’m a real believer in just being your­self in this life, not every­body will like you but atleast those that do will like you for your real self and that is for more valu­able than a super­fi­cial friendship/relationship based on lies and fabrications. 

Your great­est fear? A quote that springs to mind when it comes to fear is a line from a song by Immortal Technique… “Hell is not a place you go, if you’re not a chris­t­ian it’s the fail­ure of your lifes great­est ambi­tion.” Failure always used to scare me, but that was down to going to a very com­pet­i­tive school and always being pushed to try harder. When I grew up I realised that it’s not pos­si­ble to acheive absolutely every­thing you want in life, but you can try hard and with pas­sion and deter­mi­na­tion you can get far. As a child I was scared of the dark thanks to my obses­sion with read­ing about ghosts, haunt­ings, scar­ing myself to death with all the sto­ries and then not being able to sleep at night. That took a while to over­come and meant my par­ents had a high elec­tric­ity bill with my bed­side lamp being on every night for years.

What would you like to have accom­plished in 10 years from now? Is there any­where you’d like to go, any job you’d like to be doing, any­one you’d like to be with? In 10 years time I would like to be set­tled with some­body I love and pos­si­bly have a family. Until then I would love to front a band, pub­lish a book, see more of the world, live in the States for a cou­ple of years and pos­si­bly go back to uni­ver­sity and do my Masters degree :) A Playboy cover would be nice too but we can all dream, can’t we? ;) 

Kataxenna has lots com­ing up next year includ­ing sev­eral mag­a­zine shoots, a large num­ber of projects in Europe and a nice long stay in the US where she will be shoot­ing and putting time aside to focus on music.

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