Pirelli’s 2015 Calendar Preview



When play­ing six degrees of sep­a­ra­tion with the word Pirelli, you’re bound to come across  these phrases, burn­ing tires, hot cars and sexy women.

Being aware of the brand name, and the imagery it attracts, I’m sure it was a no brainer for their mar­ket­ing to get the sex­i­est and most rec­og­niz­able mod­els on earth and put them in one calendar.

Shot by famed American fash­ion pho­tog­ra­pher Steven Meisel in New York, next year’s cal­en­dar is focused around one key­word: fetishism.

Styled by Carine Roitfeld, the cal­en­dar will fea­ture Isabeli Fontana, plus-size model Candice Huffine, Adriana Lima, Karen Elson, Gigi Hadid, Sasha Luss, Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmermann and Natalia Vodianova in latex corsets, bustiers, and the like.

Source - Snob, Vanity Fair

Video — The War for Israel/Palestine/Canaan/the Levant.

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

In this world there are truths and then there are facts.

A fact is inter­preted by an indi­vid­ual, which makes it his truth. With that put in con­text, there are many dif­fer­ent types of truths that peo­ple are hold­ing on to when it comes to Israel, and all the other beau­ti­ful lands in the Middle East.

Most of those truths exists because peo­ple believe for a fact that the land was promised to them by their gods.

This has led to cen­turies of unre­solved con­flicts – that is deeper than reli­gion at this point – which gets explained in this 3 minute video.

Who is killing who? (Click here for more insight)

Exclusive Interview — Francesca Lauren

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IFBB Pro Francesca Lauren is a delight­ful reminder of why I love fit­ness models.

It has arguably the best look­ing mod­els ever and Francesca is cer­tainly no exception.

Her sleek, dark fea­tures gives her a very seduc­tive feel and imparts a great feel­ing of both awe as well as lust. I’m so happy ran across this cutie because she was cer­tainly made for the spotlight.



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Hierarchy of Man 2: Alpha Beta Gamma


Hierarchy of Man 2: Alpha Beta Gamma

I’ve been chal­lenged a lot through my life­time. Some of these chal­lenges esca­lated to fist fights, where I had to prove myself.

For years I looked for answers, try­ing to find rea­sons, the under­ly­ing cir­cum­stances. Nobody gave me answers, every­thing always came back to, me. As in, “You are smarter than this” or “You are bet­ter than this.”

But nobody gave me answers as to why and how. Not even my par­ents. These fights hap­pened, usu­ally because I stood my ground.

They weren’t my fault.

Were they?

After years of talk­ing with dif­fer­ent peo­ple on the sub­ject of lead­er­ship, I started to get snip­pets here and there. It all came together when I brought up the sub­ject of alpha males to a friend of mines.

One day she asked me to think of every­one I look up too. Once I got some names together she asked me to find their com­mon denom­i­na­tor. And though I men­tioned many names that night, I’d like to focus on Superman.

What makes him Superman?

This arti­cle is called


First up…

Gamma Males

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Exclusive Interview — Cat Hedlund

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Cat Hedlund a stand­out exam­ple of fem­i­nine excellence.

Sporting smooth skin, deep eyes, toned fig­ure, and dis­tinc­tive red hair, she makes a unique addi­tion to the Exclusive Models col­lec­tive. It took me a good while to set this thing up with her, but my patience paid off in the most awe­some way.

That just comes to show that good things indeed come to those who wait.

But, luck­ily, you read­ers need don’t have to wait anymore.



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Derek Jeter Re2pect Commercial by Jordan Brand

There is noth­ing more influ­en­tial than a warrior.

On MXyMAG.com through A Man’s Kingdom, while often dis­cussing the Hierarchy of Man, we define a war­rior as an indi­vid­ual who is will­ing to give up more than what they are capa­ble of. They are will­ing to sac­ri­fice heart plus more to attain what­ever it is they dream of.

It’s this individual’s will power, their will to go up against an enemy that is greater than them. We some­how iden­tify with their strug­gle as it inspires us to fight through ours. That’s why we become their fans, and only as fans can we crown these war­riors King.

The fol­low­ing video is for Michael Jordan’s Jordan Brand, it fea­tures many peo­ple who fit the bill of king (to whomever looks up to them).

Men who went up against all odds and over­came them. Men who insprired cul­ture and ammassed fol­low­ing for giv­ing. These include the likes of, Michael Jordan, Jay Z, Spike Lee, Rudolph Giuliani, Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony and more.

Can you spot them all?

20 Minutes of Michael Bay’s Transformers Action… in 1080p

After view­ing Transformers 4, the first thing that came to mind was which one is the best one? It didn’t take too long to fig­ure out that the first Transformers was the best one.

Followed by Dark of The Moon, both had some­what emo­tional char­ac­ter arcs — on both the robot side and the human side of the char­ac­ters that I could fol­low. But nobody can ever get that chance to make us see Optimus Prime trans­form for the first time.

Transformers 4 went back to being a con­vo­luted mess that has me think­ing deep down, why didn’t the same peo­ple who did Planet of The Apes get their hands on Transformers?

In the end of the day, regard­less of how we view these movies there is one thing that nobody can take away from these movies, and that is how mag­nif­i­cent Michael Bay’s action set pieces are.

Insight – Cracking The Bayhem Code

If you need a quick reminder then you’re in luck. A fan took the time to find most of the fight scenes and cram them up in one epic video.


Nuardwar Interviews Wu-Tang

Notorious celebrity inter­viewer, Nardwuar The Human Serviette, this time turns his micro­phone on leg­endary hip-hop group the Wu-Tang Clan. During a tour stop in Vancouver, RZA drops his knowl­edge of Buddhism and kung-fu, Masta Killa gives Nardwuar a les­son or two on how to pimp his hat, and Nardwuar pulls out the early albums of RZA, GZA and more, while Raekwon takes a spe­cial inter­est in Nardwuar’s outfit.

Bird Ballerina By JR

There are many inter­pre­ta­tions that sur­round bal­leri­nas. There is a sense of inno­cence, grace, and mys­ti­cism but at the same time those senses are accom­pa­nied by darker, and more sin­is­ter thoughts.

With that put in con­text, when it comes for artists to inter­pret these whim­si­cal crea­tures, you’re bound to get some­thing interesting.

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Levis Commuter Lookbook FallWinter 2014 MXyMAG Luxuries (1)

Levi’s Commuter Workspace 2014

Levi’s sup­ple­men­tary Commuter label intro­duces its lat­est rider-friendly col­lec­tion. Utilizing a mix of tech­ni­cal and tra­di­tional mate­ri­als, the col­lec­tion includes a pack­able shell jacket, rib inset sweat­shirt and denim trucker which draws inspi­ra­tion from clas­sic trucker jack­ets. Originally designed for cycling, the … Read More

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